I am Yichin Chou

and, I am an Industrial Designer


Ascenroll is a rollator that can provide people who have mobility issues (arthritis) with walking well outdoors. The benefit of Ascenroll is that it can help people walk through stairs, slopes, and other outdoor obstacles.

Ascenroll (2023)

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This Bronco steering wheel is a redesign project. It uses using octagon serves as the main element. Because the aim of this project is to make the current Bronco steering wheel look more outdoors, and the octagon shape is more outdoors and off-road than the circle.

Redesign Bronco Steering Wheel (2021)

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The SCADpro x HP project, with assistance from Adobe, Intel, and Nvidia, increased brand awareness and usage for Z by HP Products in the art of design. The main direction of improvement includes user experience and other education-centric marketing tools.

SCADpro x HP (2022)

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"Doggie" is a brand new service and job platform designed to create a chance for stray dogs to live better lives.

Doggie (2021)

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This project is a business model aim the university community's economy. Fle-Box is a second-hand platform in the university community. Fle-box provides the app and distribution box to make the second-hand loop in the university community more convenient, safe, and efficient.

Fle-Box (2021)

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Harpia is an electric concept hypercar based on Renault's design language and uses the bionic method to design.

Harpia (2018)

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Citroen e GT is a grand touring concept car. This concept aims to provide people with a new and fun mobility choice for traveling.

e GT Concept (2017)

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