Harpia (2018)

Harpia is an electric concept hypercar based on Renault's design language and uses the bionic method to design.


The design inspiration for this concept car comes from a kind of eagle called the "Harpia". This eagle is one of the fastest and largest eagles in the world. This car has cleverly use Harpia elements from the front to the rear. Another design inspiration comes from Renault's own brand DNA, using a large number of hexagonal elements, C-shaped headlights, and mellow lines and surfaces. Therefore, looking at this car from the front, you can see that the headlights extend from the factory emblem in the middle to form a C-shape, it just looks like the front face of the Harpia. From the side view, you can see that the waistline of the car is quite smooth, which makes the refraction of light and shadow quite obvious and soft, and the design of the wheel frame uses a three-piece design to make it look like a Harpia's claw. Finally, the most obvious feature of the rear of the car is the yellow diffuser, the design is like a Harpia's long feathered tail.

Before designing the shape, need to understand the elements that the product needs to consider, such as diffuser, or the place of batteries, etc.

The CAD uses ALIAS to build the 3D model first and make sure the date is ok, and I send the file to the model-making company to mockup the model. In this project, I used ABS material and CNC machining to make up the model. After the CNC machining, they try to combine it first, after making sure they start polishing and painting.


This project has signed the NDA contract with HP. Thus I can't show the whole project in the portfolio. However, If you are interested in this project's final solution, please contact me!

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