e GT Concept (2017)

Citroen e GT is a grand touring concept sport car. This concept aims to provide people with a new and fun mobility choice for traveling.


In this project, I tried to find inspiration to position this car, so I chose the panther as my main image because the panther means FAST. I also used some sculpture curves in my design because of CITROEN's design language, mainly curve lines and sharp surfaces so that the e Concept can follow in this way too.‍

CITROEN is an innovative, creative brand, and also CITROEN intentions to come out with more models featuring a quirky designs. Differently for the CITROEN DS Line, they explore a specific design language. They play more with surfaces and more 3D sculpture. There is one curve through the car, with solid evolution in terms of surface. They wanted to create a new, attractive silhouette, with a more compact, road-oriented look but without stooping to aggressiveness.


The existence of the drone in this car hopes that users can record some photos or videos in beautiful or scenic places, and users can share them with friends through social media immediately.


This project has signed the NDA contract with HP. Thus I can't show the whole project in the portfolio. However, If you are interested in this project's final solution, please contact me!

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