SCADpro x HP (2022)

The SCADpro x HP project, with assistance from Adobe, Intel, and Nvidia, increased brand awareness and usage for Z by HP Products in the art of design. The main direction of improvement includes user experience and other education-centric marketing tools.

The entire team conducted research to narrow down the art and design majors in the early stages of the project. We compiled all SCAD undergraduate majors and then compared them to other art schools' majors.

By studying the computer specifications recommended by these universities based on the prevalent software in each major, we determined which disciplines might be most likely to adopt HP hardware.
In light of our findings, we decided to focus on the Digital Arts, Film/TV, and Building Arts majors, which are preferred PCs to MACs.

In branding, we are primarily responsible for developing this project's brand guidelines and implementing them to maintain consistency across our assets.


This project has signed the NDA contract with HP. Thus I can't show the whole project in the portfolio. However, If you are interested in this project's final solution, please contact me!

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