Doggie (2021)

"Doggie" is a brand new service and job platform designed to create a chance for stray dogs to live better lives.


"Doggie" is a brand new service and job platform designed to create a chance for stray dogs to live better lives. Since dogs have some better physical abilities and a relatively loyally personality, they can also have work. In fact, hundred-thousands of dogs are working in the U.S. already. However, even when society seems to value stray animals more, millions of dogs are sent to the shelter each year and even killed. Here, we started to make the change by turning these lives into power. Like humans support our family, our priority task is for strays to afford ordinary life and even help others to create a benign circulation.

The product focuses on dogs’ safety and identification during work. It can act like a working badge, Healthy manager, or even a live recorder. It records the pets’ body temperature after measuring the Hind-leg. Also, it can record the spot/ location where the dogs are. As to make sure the dogs’ safety during work, the camera will act like a monitor.

Temperature is the most efficient way to ensure the health of the dogs. Additionally, to take a dog’s temperature accurately, put the thermometer in the armpit area of the dog’s thigh.

Also, a tracker is essential for safety concerns. It will also help in the process of search-related jobs. Moreover, this function will also benefit is jobs like rescuing, searching, or guiding.

An identification feature that connect the device to the database is needed to show their information such as breed, resume, shelter, or fosterer.

The advance scenario we come up with is for dogs record what they see when rescuing , guarding, and guiding. For rescue, dogs have relatively smaller and nimbler body to get into the aperture and report the status of the victims; the camera will help the visually impaired the dog is leading by offering a piece of evidence to protect their right when they need.

The doggie application will act as a job platform. it will help organize the job opportunities for employer and the stray dogs in the shelter to be connected.

According to our research, many shelters did started to offer training lessons to stray dogs. However, they are hard to find a job for them if there is no particular platform like “doggie.” Same as the companies, the employers do not have a separate platform to offer publicly. Thus, we create a gateway to connect the dogs to the companies.


This project has signed the NDA contract with HP. Thus I can't show the whole project in the portfolio. However, If you are interested in this project's final solution, please contact me!

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