Redesign Bronco Steering Wheel (2021)

This Bronco steering wheel is a redesign project. It uses using octagon serves as the main element. Because the aim of this project is to make the current Bronco steering wheel look more outdoors, and the octagon shape is more outdoors and off-road than the circle.


The Bronco is a pure off-road vehicle. Thus, the design of the Bronco looks boxy and robust. The new Bronco inherited the old generation. It uses a lot of squares, circles, and octagon shapes. Also, the car used a lot of durable and washable material. However, the steering wheel in the new Bronco is not hardcore, durable, and washable enough. Therefore, this is the opportunity for I can make some changes.

This steering wheel is designed in the shape of an octagon. In Bronco's design language, there are many octagon shapes in the exterior and interior and many hard-angle design elements in the vehicle. Octagon and hard-angle design elements make the car looks hardcore, strong, and durable. Thus, this new Bronco steering wheel has also used the details of the octagon and a hard angle on it.

Ford Bronco is designed for outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, skiing, and surfing. Thus, the material of the steering wheel should be washable and durable.

The color combination is following the Ford Bronco official color scheme.

In addition to the features of the New Bronco steering wheel, such as multimedia control, it also adds off-road and driving mode switching functions. It is making Bronco more suitable and convenient for outdoor driving.


This project has signed the NDA contract with HP. Thus I can't show the whole project in the portfolio. However, If you are interested in this project's final solution, please contact me!

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